DANYEL - KEEP ON ROCKIN' - ALBUM (Instrumental, Guitar, Acoustic)
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Duration: 43:00

The audio in the playlist (from bandcamp) does not sound as loud as the purchased one > because bandcamp use a compressor plugin to calm down the audio from some reason. So be happy to explore a "hotter" volume of the tracks after you purchased them!

Composed/written, arranged, produced, vocals, all instruments played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel W.A. Schmid at the Gitaryst Lab 2017/2018. All rights reserved by Daniel W.A. Schmid. ©+(p) by Daniel W.A. Schmid&Dani Records, 2017/2018. Label: Dani Records (LC20608)

1. Keep On Rockin'
2. Paranoid Bird
3. You Must Go On (Even If Your Heart Is Full Of Pain)
4. The Keep Jam
5. Pure Glass
6. Emotions In Chaos
7. A New Rock
8. It's Your Angel In The Dark
9. Downfalls
10. Back To A Good Place And Start Again
11. Angels
12. Survive And Stay Alive

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