DANIEL MUSYQER or just DANIEL SCHMID (also known as Dani W. Schmid, Daniel W.A. Schmid, Musyqer, Danyel, Gitaryst, Guitardani, Goldsmyd, Falconburg, It'z Me Mr.D, Pavyllon, Free Curyos, Bytz and more) is best known as a fully dedicated, enormously versatile and passionate composer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and much more. Limitless creativity and a very strong and professional musicianship speaks right out of him and his loving and beloved guitar. His virutoso guitar playing has achieved the over the top peak of what is possible to do with the guitar, expression, technic, virutoso, songwriting, creativity and love to, with and for the music and to all the beloved listeners and music aficionados, DANIEL is well respected, admired and fully recognized by some of the best and biggest people in the music business and also by a big crowd of guitar music lovers and others.
He built and builds a huge discography - all on his own. All original music. In more than 20 different genres and styles, divided in many different projects (see and hear it on the DISCOGRAPHY & PROJECTS pages).

Started as a pure rock and blues guitarist, developed as a "shred" guitarist and finally discovered the limitless world of MUSIC with all instruments, styles and feelings you can imagine!

DANIEL found his calling as a composer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, guitarist, singer and sometimes as a live performer. His philosophic, spiritual and free-hearted being always finds a way into his projects and the music. He's also the founder of the official music label Dani Records (LC20608).

DANIEL'S love for music started as a young child. His father bought him the first tiny acoustic banjo-esque guitar when he was eight years old. This started the fire. Soon after he formed different (teenager) bands and played dozens of live gigs all over the place.
Many projects and collaborations followed. Some of his musical education stations were at: Berklee College Of Music Master Songwriting & Music Business completed, Audio Engineer & Producer completed, Jazz School Lucerne etc. He was also featured in international magazines like Gitarre&Bass, Metal Hammer and others.
In 2012, DANIEL's received a free scholarship from the Kulturförderung Graubünden (CH) after he won the annual competition in music. He started his own music school many years ago, which is now inactive because of his busy passion as a music creator.

All copyrights of his complete discography which contains more than 200 releases and about 1'000 songs/tracks (updated january 2016) released. Music which is completely sold (all copyrights, master sound rights, exclusive right of use etc.) is not listed in the discography. Unofficially considered (+ unreleased material or completely sold music with all rights), the complete catalog counts more than 1'400 songs/tracks and over 300 releases (updated january 2016). Complete sold music with all rights may disappear in the discography, depending on contracting issues.


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